2011 Topics

College Students

The topics of the contest will be wide and on current issues which have a direct or indirect impact on the society. Issues of the recent past would be highlighted significantly. The topics are included those on
  • Influence of social networking sites
  • Global warming
  • Effect of advertisement
  • Objectivity of news channels
  • Politicians and their campaigns and promises
  • China and its global presence
  • Relevance of common wealth
  • Economic development versus green environment
  • Pros and cons of nuclear energy
  • Genetic engineering
  • Open source softwares
  • 'outsourcing' of business
  • Religion versus fundamentalism
  • Young versus old in today's India.

School Students

  • Is downloading music without permission from the internet wrong?
  • Should we change the way words in the English language are spelled, to make them more like the way
        they are spoken?
  • Should AIDS drugs be made cheaper for developing countries?
  • Should aviation fuel for domestic and international flights be taxed to combat climate change?
  • Could such a tax be used to fund development aid? Are there viable alternatives?
  • Are beauty contests harmful?
  • Is boarding school beneficial to children?
  • Should children be hit in school as a punishment?
  • Should students be given homework tasks to complete outside school? Or are such tasks pointless?
  • Should children be allowed to own and use mobile phones (cellphones)?
  • Should examinations be replaced with other forms of assessment?