2012 Topics

College Students

The topics of the contest will be wide and on current issues which have a direct or indirect impact on the society. Issues of the recent past would be highlighted significantly. The topics are included those on
  • BPOs in India can be categorised as another form of brain drain – discuss.
  • Role of Comptroller and Auditor General in Reducing Corruption in public life.
  • Boom in Old age home/retirement homes: is it good for our society?
  • Should family planning be forced on to Indians?
  • Women CEOs are less. Are they not competent or is the society the reason?
  • 350 + Engineering Colleges in TN: Yet Industry Complains on Poor quality of Engineers. Whither Education?
  • Jan Lokpal Bill –is it the only answer for anti-corruption?
  • 24 hrs news channel- is it breaking news or recycled news?
  • Fame and privacy don’t go together – is it true?
  • Is animal testing necessary?
  • Should Mercy Killing be made legal?
  • Increasing R & D in universities to make India an Innovation Capital?
  • Are Universities passports to jobs in India?
  • Is studying abroad bane or boon?
  • Indian IT Industry: From Services / Body Shopping to Product Development.

School Students

  • Well groomed kid: credit goes to kid or parent or teacher?
  • Should children be taught sex education in schools?
  • IPL: Has it ended the Gentleman’s game?
  • Was Peace Prize to Obama too early?
  • China: Does it have Peaceful Intentions about India?
  • Emails, Tweets, SMS: Death of Language / communication skills?
  • Internet usage: addiction or information highway?
  • Right to recall elected representatives: feasible in India?
  • Impact of plastics on environment
  • Impact of Introduction of Right to Education Act
  • Mobile phone etiquette – is it there in India?
  • Is education the single most important factor in the development of a country
  • Has Information Technology made the humans use their thinking ability lesser?
  • Nuclear Plants Safety versus Energy Crisis in India?
  • Organ donation - a measure to save lives?