2013 Topics

The topics of the contest will be wide and on current issues which have a direct or indirect impact on the society. Issues of the recent past would be highlighted significantly. The topics for the contest are as follows:

College Students

  • Young Generation and Trailing Values: Your View
  • Lifestyle Diseases and Momentary Attacks: Your cure
  • Can science find a cure to AIDS and Cancer?
  • Impending climatic change: Are we waking up to the reality?
  • India’s biggest challenge: Your thoughts
  • India’s economic boom: Has the rural mass benefited?
  • 'Maligai Kadai' versus Retail chain: What's best for Indian society?
  • Can tourism be eco-friendly?
  • Will Nuclear Energy be a solution to our energy crisis?
  • Reality shows: Are the viewers being taken for a ride?

School Students

  • Global warming - Global action
  • Tuition/ coaching classes- Indispensable academic growth??
  • Life beyond death
  • Tattooing - Ban required??
  • Foreign language in schools - Can it be made mandatory??
  • Steroids in sports
  • Fast food – Pros and Cons
  • Life without Internet
  • Effective communication - Importance
  • Mobile phones - Mandatory for life?